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Phil (wazoo2@hotmail.com)
Date:Thu 25 Nov 2004 08:38:39 PM EST
Subject:Political dissent in Canada -- we're just too damned polite

Re: “Parrish to keep firing at Bush, and PM” Globe and Mail, November 18, 2004.

In these complicated times, how refreshing to see that Anne McLellan's compass in the wilderness of international relations and political dissent are the folksy values she learned as a child at home. To those who would protest George Bush's visit to Canada and his address to Parliament, Ms McLellan (Deputy Prime Minister and former Dean of Law at the University of Alberta), says, “He is a visitor to our country. I don't know about you, but my mother brought me up to believe that when we had visitors, we always treated our visitors in a polite, respectful way.”

That makes me feel so good, because I grew up in a home with the same values Anne McLellan did. But I also remember my mother telling me not to have anyone over to dinner who had been responsible for more than a hundred thousand innocent civilian deaths within the past year. “Don't be bringin' home any o' them mass murderers!” she used to say. And, “If a country's not yours, leave it alone!” Things like that.

Ah, those wonderful homey values of yesteryear.

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Moderator (joel@joelruimy.com)
Date:Mon 13 Sep 2004 08:12:05 AM EDT
Subject:How to use

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